10 Compelling Reasons Why You Need login intanqq

How many times have you… said to yourself, “this has to be fixed.” More than a few? You might want to consider that your game isn’t as strong as you previously thought. In fact, it is quite possible that there is still a good deal of work to do.

You need to figure out whether or not you are playing to make money. That’s right! The evidence suggests that you are playing to play, not to make money.

Perhaps, you arbitrarily grab the first open seat and start blasting. This may accomodate your need for action and that’s great, however, since loss is not our Intanqq objective we want to do something a little different.

We suggest that thoroughly scouting games at the desired level of play to be a preferred method. You are attempting to identify weakness in one form or another. Typically, you want to zero in on tight passives, calling stations and maniac play.

This is the internet and there is nothing preventing you from taking all the time you want in locating that soft seat.

Unlike the live brick and mortar rooms you are not stuck with whatever they give you.

You found the perfect seat for your style of play. There could be any number of reasons why that particular seat is open. You discover why soon enough.

The past twenty minutes has produced the coldest wave of cards in your entire playing history.

Do you press? Do you play those marginal and rag starters?

Of course not! You get out of there! There’s dozens of games to choose from. For that matter go open another account at another site. Give yourself an even wider selection. There is absolutely no rule that requires that you sit there and get your brains beat in.

You like to see a lot of flops. On the internet this approach is a real cash killer.

We have found that a range of 30-33% seen flops from all positions combined is about right. There is no hard and fast rule here, but evidence suggests seeing a greater number of flops to be from players who tend to rely more on luck.

Speed is a factor. Don’t kid yourself. These hands are being dealt at a very rapid clip.

As a general rule you will be dealt approximately twice as many hands on the internet in the same time frame compared to a regular brick and mortar card room. What this means is that your errors translate into cash losses at an accelerated clip. This is the greatest argument for playing premium starting hands.

It has been said, “that the next best thing to playing and winning is playing and losing.”

Although mildly amusing, the statement contains nothing but an attitude that places your finger squarely on the self destruct button.

Do you increase your bankroll threefold or more only to blow it back along with your original stake? I have no problem leaving the table with a double or triple. You shouldn’t either.

I have heard the professionals discuss this subject repeatedly. Apparently the conventional wisdom supports continued play as long as you continue to play well.

We disagree with this position for one main reason. This is a classic apples to oranges comparison in our view. First of all they are world class professionals playing live with advanced skill sets. You are trying to survive for the chance to win in an entirely different venue.

Don’t be in a hurry! There is always a game somewhere. Like the ads point out, non-stop action. If it’s money you want you will need to play emphasizing discipline and focus.

Don’t make it so hard on yourself. Life already has plenty of challenges. Do the scouting. Pick your spots and don’t force it. Put these practices into play now and you will see vast improvement.

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